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CineVision Pictures is being talked about as being one of the fastest growing production companies. Since its inception in 2002, the company has co-produced two pilots, “AIM HIGH” and “SPIRIT CHRONICLES”, a national television commercial for “HEALTHI CARD”, and produces an international television series “FINE ART TREASURES” which has been seen by over 40 million viewers weekly for almost a year! The company is also in the final stages of developing a full-length feature film that has most of the budget in place, as well as principals and a soundtrack attached; scheduled for Principal Photography in Fall, 2004.

The President and CEO of CineVision Entertainment Corporation, the parent company of CineVision Pictures, is TJ Myers, familiar to audiences for her beauty and talent, having starred in several motion pictures and television series. TJ’s secret to success is surrounding herself with qualified professionals whose work is known for its quality, and who are recognized for their integrity and commitment to getting productions done -- on time and under budget.

Anthony Logan, partner in CineVision, is not only a 25 year award-winning veteran of radio, television and motion pictures, but also a Native American Chief and Shaman. When not producing and directing, he’s also one of the most respected acting coaches in the business.

CineVision Pictures believes in the old studio method of building from within a family of reliable, creative, and industrious individuals who take pride in their work. The company’s vision has always been and continues to be developing and producing quality programming for television and motion pictures and to attract other talented professionals that share their vision and passion.

Anyone interested in or has any questions about CineVision’s projects are invited to contact the principals directly.



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