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"Who's Your Daddy?" Fox TV

Fine Art Treasures currently airs for (4) hours every Friday night across the nation. It airs on DirecTV, channel 225, 10p Eastern and 7p Pacific. We are a live television auction show that allows you to have Museum Quality Masterpieces (paintings and sculpturers, etc.) at your price. Get extremely rare, exquisite masterpieces that, before now, only the rich and famous could afford.

Movie Pilots Filmed

Aim High...Co-Star  (2004)
Reunion...Supporting (2004)
Remember When ... Co-Star  (1998)
In Service to America... Co-Star  (1997)

TV Pilots Filmed

Spirit Chronicals  ... Co-Star (2004)
Pillow Talk ... Co-Star (2003)
On The Move ... Co-Star (2001)
Soap Opera ... Supporting (1998)

Hosting / Co-Hosting

LA Night Life (2000)
No Cover TV (1999)
Dallas Night Life (1997)

 Writing Credits

Going Away * Feature Film* Co-wrote with Anthony Logan (2003)
Bi-monthly articles for Controversy Magazine (2001 - present)


Miracle On 4th Street ... Brenda (2001 LA) Magicopolis Theatre
Sexual Tension in the White House ... Bonnie (2000 LA) Playhouse in the Foothills
Candidate for Murder ... Mona (1999 LA) Renagade Theatre
Owl & the Pussy Cat ... Doris (1998 Dallas)
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers ... Elaine (1998 Dallas)
Who’s Affraid of Virginia Wolf ... Martha (1997 Dallas)
A Christmas Carol ... Belle (1994 Dallas)

 Voice Overs

Herbalife (2004)
Michlob Golden (2001-2003)
Wisconson Cheese (1997) 


Brite Glo (2003)
Ab Magic (2002)
Truth in Lending (1998)
ExecMark Systems (1997)
Richland College (1995)

Commercials: (No conflicts at present)

Healthi Card (2004)
Dodge (2003)
Pepsi (2002)
Kia (2002) 
The Venetian (2001)
Taco Bell (1998)
Schletterbaugn National Waterparks and Resorts (1998)


American Hi-Fi (2002)

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